September 29, 2023


  1. As the use of cryptocurrency becomes more and more common, so do hacks and theft. While most cryptocurrency users have heard that their holdings are not insured by any government entity, it is easy to forget that there is very little a government can do to help you recover lost crypto if you aren’t storing it in a secure wallet or exchange. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness of all of the risks associated with cryptocurrency, but also some measures that you can take to protect your funds.

  2. So, I’ve been a crypto investor for about 4 years now. I have seen my fair share of scams and scams within the space. One thing is for sure, once scammers find a new way to make money, they will continue to do it. One thing that makes crypto so enticing for scammers is that most people who invest in this space don’t really know much about it and are just hoping to make money quickly. Anyways, what happened to me was unfortunate but also not unexpected. I had heard stories similar or worse before but when they happen to you it hits home pretty hard

  3. Recovered stolen cryptocurrency valued at over $40,000, with Cybersploits providing law enforcement with evidence of the crime and leading to the speedy recovery of stolen funds. thanks to cybersploits for helping me recover my stolen cryptocurrency.

  4. Last year, my friend lost $200k worth of cryptocurrency to MMP investment platform . In the crypto world, these things happen regularly. But after working with a hacker at Cybersploits in name of Mr. Kolarov Kante getting my friend’s bitcoin back, I’ve built a process that can help anyone who has lost cryptocurrency due to theft or loss. thanks to Cybersploits, thanks to Kolarov for showing an undisputedly an undying. ,relentless effort in getting the stolen Cryptocurrency back.

  5. I have been dealing with stolen cryptocurrency that I have no idea how to get back. I reported it to the police, but they have not been able to do anything because they can’t find the thief or his identity. I used to have a lot of money in my bank accounts, but after this robbery my accounts have been drained of their funds. It ruined me financially, and I was struggling to make ends meet but my friend told me about Cybersploits i made a call the next morning,then my file was accepted and i was taking through the process of recovery thanks to Cybersploits for getting back my Cryptos.

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